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    Bedroom Etiquette

    Thought that may grab attention! The average person spends around 240 hours a month in bed!! It is, therefore, so important that this is a place of cleanliness, freshness and tranquility. Just how often should we change the bedding? And – more importantly – how …

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    De-Clutter Your Room – De-Clutter Your Life

    Isn’t it therapeutic to throw things away that have been taking up valuable space in your closet, drawers, shelves, or rooms?  For me, it feels like a fresh start!  I was never one to able to work efficiently with a cluttered desk – I have …

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    Hiring a Cleaning Company vs an Independent Housekeeper

    We are all looking to save a little money and there are surely many ways to do so, from couponing and eating out less to cutting back on vacations and entertainment. In lean times, something always has to give and its usually the things that …

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    Pet Hair and Shedding – Help!

    This was my swiffer mop after just a couple of days of not touching my floor – Urghhhh! I have pets – 4 cats and a dog. I clean my floors often (of course, it’s one of my jobs!). The other day – after a …

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    Deep Cleaning Vs Regular Cleaning

    Regular Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning It is generally understood, when requesting a new cleaning service, the cleaning company will often require an initial “deep clean”. This is performed in order that the home can be brought up to a maintenance level standard. A deep house …

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  • Dirtytruth

    Who Is In Your House?

    Isn’t the difference between cleaning services just about the price? Be careful who you are hiring to come into your home. First and foremost, do your research and ensure you contract with a bona-fide, licensed and insured cleaning company to protect yourself and your family. …

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    Ink Stain Removal Tips

    I discovered this many years ago when a friend told me to try hairspray to remove a ballpoint pen stain from my lovely leather loveseat. It worked like a charm. Check out these other solutions too!

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  • Pets On Carpet

    How To Remove Cat Urine Stains & Odors

    This is a difficult one and something that most likely every cat owner has encountered at some point. Removing cat urine stains and odors from carpets is notoriously difficult. It often leaves that yellowish stain that scrubbing alone won’t remove. Try this!

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    How To Remove Mold & Mildew on Bathroom Tile

    Does your shower or tub develop that horrible mold. Ventilation is the key to keeping growth at bay. Ensure fan is on or a window is open during showering or bathing. When you’re done wipe down the walls with an old towel and leave the …

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