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De-Clutter Your Room – De-Clutter Your Life

Isn’t it therapeutic to throw things away that have been taking up valuable space in your closet, drawers, shelves, or rooms?  For me, it feels like a fresh start!  I was never one to able to work efficiently with a cluttered desk – I have to deal with one thing at a time and the rest goes in the ‘Inbox” to be dealt with in its own time.  I feel overwhelmed with papers scattered over my desk – I find I can’t focus on one thing when all the others are in plain sight.

It’ can be the same with possessions.  It’s easy to tuck things away (out of sight, out of mind) “just in case I need it sometime”.  It’s a well known fact, however, – certainly where clothes are concerned – that if you haven’t worn it in the last year, you probably never will.  That’s when it becomes time to let go!

Holding onto the past really takes its toll when that “hidden clutter” starts to spill out from those closets and drawers and begins to creep into view or impinge on your daily life.  Before you know it you’re being hailed at the next extreme hoarder!

De-cluttering and organizing is what’s called for.  Here’s a recent project we tackled at Majestic Cleaning of Florida.  Although a small room, our client’s whole life was stuffed into every corner and had become overwhelming.  The room needed clearing for a new tenant so we were called upon to do the clean up.   After a few hours (and many trash and consignment bags) later, the room was once again fresh and sparkling.