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Hiring a Cleaning Company vs an Independent Housekeeper

We are all looking to save a little money and there are surely many ways to do so, from couponing and eating out less to cutting back on vacations and entertainment. In lean times, something always has to give and its usually the things that we feel we can do ourselves – pool maintenance, cleaning, lawn-care.

If giving up any of these services sends you into panic mode, you may consider shopping around to find cheaper alternatives or a better deal for less money.

We all know that house cleaning isn’t rocket science but it can be a convenient and worthwhile service if you value your time and energy. With that being said, when sourcing a house cleaning service, cheaper isn’t always the best option.

You will likely find many people who seem to be charging significantly lower rates as an individual than you may have been quoted by a residential cleaning company. It’s very tempting to opt for this cheaper service.  However, as a licensed and insured Florida company, Majestic Cleaning advises you to consider a few things before making your decision between a cleaning company vs an independent housekeeper/cleaner;

  • Does the housekeeper have a satisfaction policy in place?  By this we mean, if there is something she failed to do or failed to do to your complete satisfaction, do they guarantee to fix it at no further charge?

A bona-fide company is more likely to want and need to protect their reputation, so they will have a satisfaction guarantee or return policy in place.  This is to ensure they have fulfilled their obligation to their clients and met their expectations so they will continue to use and refer their services.

  • What would happen if the housekeeper falls off a step stool, trips over a toy left out by your kids or slips on a floor she left too wet?  The short answer is – she can sue YOU for this.

A bona-fide company will carry liability insurance to cover any of these eventualities.  Make sure your housekeeper has liability insurance to cover such calamities.  If not, walk away or it could end up costing you a LOT MORE than she saved you with the cheaper service.

  • What would happen if you and the housekeeper had a disagreement over something or your personalities ending up clashing?  Well, you’d be back to the drawing board, looking for an alternative.  You’ll have to start over again, gaining mutual trust, training her in your ways and giving her time to get used to your home.

A bona-fide company will simply send an alternative cleaner to your home if you are not satisfied with the team or individual provided.  Not everyone is a good fit for you – it is most important to have someone you feel comfortable having in your home and with whom you have a mutual trust and respect.

  • How will I pay the individual housekeeper?  Do not overlook the importance of this.  The Federal Government does not!  If you have an independent housekeeper who works according to your instructions and you control the hours and how the work is done, you essentially become the employer.  It is now your responsibility to withhold employee and payroll taxes – YES, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.  The IRS takes this very seriously and you will liable for hefty penalties if you fail to do this.

A bona-fide company will have payroll taken care of.  All employees will be paid and relevant payroll taxes withheld from their wages and paid to the IRS.  Check out our earlier blog article on this – it may shock and surprise you.

  • What would happen if the housekeeper got sick and couldn’t work for a time, or wanted an inconvenient vacation that didn’t suit your schedule?

A bona-fide company will ensure – to the best of their ability – uninterrupted service.  Everyone takes time off but they will do their very best to ensure an alternative cleaner is available to cover those times so their clientele receives continued service.

  • Is the housekeeper licensed and bonded.

Sure, a license is cheap but a licensed and bonded company can provide a layer of security.  It means they mean business and will run their business as such – with trained employees, and policies and procedures in place.

So, for the little extra you may pay a legitimate cleaning company, consider the peace of mind it can give you.  If you’d like any further information on how Majestic Cleaning of Florida can help your life run a little smoother, give us a call for your free, no-obligation customized quote.


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