Move-In-Move-Out Service

Our comprehensive move-in/move-out service is designed as a deep cleaning of a home in order to make it ready for new occupants/tenants.  If the property is a rental, we would ask that a copy of the lease agreement outlining any outgoing tenant cleaning responsibilities is furnished to Majestic Cleaning.  This would ensure all tasks are included in the price and scope of work.

On arrival on the scheduled day, we will perform a walk through to more accurately assess the time it will take to complete the required tasks and to assess the condition of the property.


A standard move-in/move-out service is charged by the hour at the company’s current (per labor hour) rate in effect at the time of service.   There is generally a minimum charge levied for this comprehensive service.  However,  an estimate based on square footage can be provided if requested.  The Majestic Cleaning team will work through a standard checklist (pre-approved by the client), to ensure all tasks are completed satisfactorily and to the client’s specification.  Should certain tasks not be required it must be initialed by the client.  Majestic Cleaning reserves the right to adjust the number of cleaning technicians that are sent to any job.

The time a job takes may be affected by the following conditions (included but not limited to);

  • Unusual or excessive wear and tear or damage to flooring/appliances etc.
  • excessive hard water build up on glass shower doors
  • excessive hard water, lime scale or rust staining on toilets, tubs or sinks
  • excessive dirt, mold or water damage on tile and grout
  • excessively greasy or dirty appliances/cooker hoods
  • Multiple windows and or blinds that require excessive deep cleaning.

Majestic Cleaning staff will not move heavy appliances unless specifically requested to do so by the client.  Should this be required, Majestic Cleaning will assess as to the safety of allowing our technicians to perform such tasks and inform the client accordingly.  This will incur an additional charge.

A deposit to secure the scheduled service will be required in advance.  This deposit is non-refundable.  All charges will incur a 2.5% convenience fee.